Capsicum 9 Million SHU



Botanical Name : Capsicum annum

Family Name : Solanaceae

Colour Value : 1000 to 4000 CU (max)

Shelf Life : 24 months under the specified storage conditions.

Heat Units : 9 millon SHU [ scoville heat units ] Extreme HOT !!

Heat Units : 16 millon SHU [ scoville heat units ] THE hottest Possible !!!!

Scoville scale is a measurement of pungency of chilli pepper like jalapeno, ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper which is world's hottest pepper. It is also the measurement of pungency of other spicy food reported in Scoville heat unit or SHU. This is a function of capsaicin concentration and capsaicin in one of the many related chemicals collectively called capsaicinoids. The creator of this scale is American pharmacist Wilbur Scoville and the scale is named after him. This method which came into existence in the year 1912 is called the Scoville Organoleptic Test. Scoville scale is an experimental measurement dependent on the sensitivity of tester of the capsaicin and it cannot be considered as an exact method to measure capsaicinoid concentration


In SHU method the exact weight of dried pepper is dissolved in alcohol to extract the heat components (capsinoids) and it is then diluted in sugar water to decrease concentrations. The decreasing concentrations of the extracted capsinoids are given to five different trained tasters till the majority cannot detect the heat in dilution. The level of the heat is based on this dilution and is rated in multiples of 100 SHU. The Scoville ratings are defined per unit of dry mass and the comparison of ratings between the products with different water content can be misleading.

Highest Rated Pepper

The fresh chilli pepper have a water content of about 90% and the Tabasco sauce have a water content of 95%. The grade rule of pepper spray values from 500,000 up to 1 million SHU but the actual strength of the spray depends on the dilution which could differ by a factor of 10. The chillies with the highest rating on the Scoville scale exceed one million Scoville units and this includes specimens of naga jolokia or bhut jolokia and its cultivar, the ghost chilli. Ghost chilli does not have officially authorized cultivar status. At present Carolina Reaper is the highest rated pepper in the world.

The pungency test of any specimen of capsicum depends on its cultivation conditions and the uncertainty of the testing conditions used to measure the capsaicinoid content. Pungency value of any kind of pepper is variable because there is expected variation within a species, maybe by a factor of 10 or more and this depend on the seed lineage, climate and soil. Humidity is a big factor for the Bhut Jolokia, the Dorset Naga and the original Naga because they have different rating and soil factor plays an important role on habaneros.

Natural Product

The chilli extract are produced by extracting the capsaicin and capsaicin is the natural product which makes chillies hot. The method used for extracting the extracts is similar to the method that is used to create essential oils. After extraction what you get is the Oleoresin of Capsicum and this is a natural extract of chilli which can have a heat level up to 16 million SHU. The extract is an extremely hot ingredient and should be used only as a food additive and should not be consumed directly. The ideal way to use is start off with a cocktail stick dipped in and the extract added slowly.

The chilli oleoresin is used in food industries and the food coloured and spiced with chilli oleoresin include cheese, orange juice, spice mixtures, sweets, sauces and emulsified processed meats. It is used in poultry feed to deepen the colour of egg yolks and chilli oleoresin is used in most of the chilli sauces available in the market and even home made. This is used extensively in pharmaceutical industries and capsaicinoids are effective as an analgesic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and also used as a medicine for anti-obesity.

Extremely Hot In Nature

Capsaicinoids have possible application in pain relief, cancer prevention and weight loss and it also show benefits on cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system. Capsicum 9 Million SHU is extremely hot in nature and it should be used only as a food additive because these products can cause serious injuries if consumed directly, ingested or if it gets in contact with the skin, eyes or other body organs. Pepper sprays are also oleoresin capsicum or OC and this is a naturally occurring substance taken out from the oily resins in cayenne and other types of pepper. The main ingredient of Pepper spray is produced under the stem of the pepper.

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent so there should not be any contact of this substance with the eyes, nose and throat because this will cause immediate but temporary blindness and unrestrained coughing and wheezing, cutting off all but breathing for life support. Pepper spray may cause nausea and is non-toxic and non-lethal. Oleoresin capsicum is an oily substance and not soluble in water. A sweet bell pepper has an SHU rating of 0 but the hot cayenne pepper can have SHU rating of more than 5 million. The pepper sprays available in the market have a rating of 1.5 to 5 million SHU and the average range is generally 2-3 million SHU.

Natural Stimulant

Capsicum is the best natural stimulant and it also kills harmful bacteria inside the body and is used to heal and prevent infection from sores, injuries and burns. It is one of the best herb medicines and can be put in open fresh wound or old ulcers. It is effective as a poultice for sores and wounds and can be taken internally for rheumatism, inflammation, fevers and pleurisy. It is a stimulant when consumes and also an antispasmodic. It is good for kidneys, pancreases, spleen and lockjaw and it is used widely for the treatment of ulcerated stomach.

Capsicum is also good for the prevention and cure of common cold and flu, yellow fever, black vomit, decay and putrefaction, gangrene and cancers like aids etc. The capsicum is the most popular natural stimulant known to medical science and with less reaction. It helps digestion when taken with meals and arouses all secret organs with utmost safety. It is also used for thousands of years all round the world because of its healing power

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