Capsicum Oleoresins



Capsicum Oleoresin ( Hot Red Chillies )
Capsicum Oleoresin is prepared by extracting the crushed capsicum (Capsicum Annum Linn) with volatile solvents by extraction. It contains the pungent components, capsicin not less that 8 percent. It also contains the red colouring matter as well. This product is a powerful irritant and a carminative, which is also used as a counter irritant in lumbago and neuralgia. It can also be used to treat stomach ache that involves poorly functioning stomach muscles and as an antibacterial agents.
Quick Facts
Botanical Name : Capsicum annum
Family Name : Solanaceae
Name in some International Languages :
Spanish - Pimento
Arabic - Filfil Ahmar
Chinese - Hesiung Yali Chiao
Flavour: Characteristics : lightly Bitter Pungent, Flavoursome
Usage Profile : Foods, and some Medicines
Commercial part : Green as well as ripe & dried pod(fruit)
Harvesting Season : January to August, September to December
Description : Extract of Indian red chillies, Capsicum annum L. or capsicum frutescens L.
Storage : Store in full, tight containers in a cool dry place, protected from sun light.
Appearance : Dark red viscous liquid parameters.
Odour : Characteristic pungent odour of Chillies.
Additives : Permitted additives to standardise the product.
Dispersibility/solubility : No preservative or antioxidants used. Soluble in Oils & Alcohols
Spice Equivalent : Can be dispersed in dry/liquid carriers such as salt, dextrose, edible oils, lecithin, benzyl alcohol etc.
Capsaicin : One kg replaces 100 kg raw chillies. 10% - UV spectrometric
Colour Value : 15000 CU (max) – MSD –10
Residual solvent : 20 ppm (max) EOA
Microbiology : Free from microbial contaminants.
Shelf Life : 24 months under the specified storage conditions.
Handling : Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Warm slightly and stir well before drawing the product from the container.
Caution : Use only additives/diluents compatible with this product; use of non-compatible diluents /additives can lead to sedimentation. Add the proposed diluent/additive to a sample of the product in the same proportion and confirm absence of sedimentation prior.

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