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Scientific name of Chili Seed is Capsicum Annum. Steam distillation process is mainly used in making Chili Seed Essential Oil. Steam is passed through the seeds the most intense source of this spice to derive essential oil. It has a strong, hot, spicy and stimulating, pepper like aroma. Hot pepper seeds are put through a steam distillation process. A dark red, semi viscous and thick essential chili seed oil is obtained. Its therapeutic properties are truly wonderful.

Chili Seed Oil History

In around 3000 BC people of South and Central America first cultivated the pungent and hotly variety of Capsicum, the Chili Pepper. It was in 1493 that the Chili seeds were brought back to Europe by Columbus. It is from Europe that this spice spread to a lot of cuisines across the globe. Pre-Hispanic Americans claim, that the spice contain a lot of medicinal qualities too. Medical researchers in Western countries are currently using Chili seeds and Chili Seed Oil in the fight against cancer.

Chili Seed Oil Ingredients

Capsaicin is the active and main ingredient present in Chili Seed Oil. Other ingredients present in the Chili Seed Oil include flavonoids, capsicina, Vitamin C, capsanthin, lecithin and oligoalimenti. Many aromatherapists around the world credit this oil as being an excellent aid for digestion, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Rich Vitamin Content In Chili Oil

Minerals, vitamins and nutrients are available in plenty in chili oil. Vitamin D content is high in this oil which helps immensely in treating weakened bones, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer attacks.

Vitamin A, E and K, present in Chili Seed oil provides huge benefits to the human body. Bones get healthier with Chili oil consumption. Antioxidants present in the oil play a major role in reproduction, development of teeth, division of cells immune system and blood clot reduction.

Vitamin C present in Chili oil helps in preventing coronary heart diseases, strokes and other types of cardiovascular diseases. It shortens the effect or duration of cold

Benefits Of Iron In Chili Oil

Iron present in Chili Seed Oil is a major nutrient in helping a person from feeling exhausted and tired. It not only makes the person feel relaxed but also helps in preventing illnesses like glossitis. Deficiency of iron can lead to dialysis, cough and anemia.

Protein Benefits Of Chili Oil

Every 100 grams of chili pepper contains protein up to 1 gram. Poor respiratory system, decreased immunity, muscle loss in the body and even death can be prevented with proper consumption of protein. Protein also helps nervous system regulation, carrying oxygen to the blood and building cartilage and muscles.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Chili Oil is good for the cardiovascular system. It has great ability to take care of the heart. The oil contains Capsanthin a beneficial compound in small quantities which helps raise levels of HDL cholesterol and in the process keeps the heart healthy.

Effective Treatment For Hair Loss

One natural and effective treatment for hair loss is red chili pepper oil. Alkaloid capsaicin content in the red chili peppers helps stimulate insulin-like factors to help growth of hair and also improve circulation of blood. The oil is an excellent treatment for various types of alopecia which helps in re-growth of hair in both women and men. People with sensitive scalps need to take care as the oil could cause irritation in the skin or scalp. It is best to use it 2-3 times a week. Hence prior to use, a good idea would be to try it out on a small patch of skin. Ensure it does not get in contact with mucous membranes and eyes. After use, always wash hands well with soap and water.

New baby hair will be seen popping up at the earliest. Chili Seed Oil is a grandma’s secret for good hair growth, since decades. The oil also helps in hair loss prevention. Rather than stressing about hair loss, a beneficial treatment to enjoy luscious hair is to apply Chili Seed Oil twice or thrice every week. Vital nutrients in good quantity are delivered to the hair, on application. Allow the oil to soak into the scalp for at least half an hour. Hair roots get stronger with this oil application. Then rinse off hair well with regular shampoo. The oil makes blood rush to the scalp and add that required goodness and nutrients to the hair.

Other Uses

This oil makes a unique addition to aromatherapy, cosmetic applications, candles, incense sticks, personal care formulations, perfumery and soap making industry. The oil is an excellent choice for healing wounds too.

Chili Seed Oil can be mixed with other essential oils including Watercress Seed Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Pure Emu Oil. Otherwise it is not typically blended with other essential oils.

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