Name: Citral

Chemical Name: 3, 7-DIMETHYL-6-OCTEN-1-OL

Chemical Formula: C15H26O

Appearance: Yellow liquid

Molecular Weight: 222.37

Odor: Powerful lemon alike odor

Specific gravity: 0.882 TO 0.891 AT 250 C

GLC Purity: 30% - 50% Neral, 45% - 65% Geranial, Min 95% Sum, Nerol & Geranial

Refractive Index: 1.486 TO 1.490 AT 200C

Color: Yellow

Citral is widely used in F&F industries because it is the best known aldehydic tandem. The aroma of citral is its characteristics among the other citrus fruits. Citral (C10H16O), is a pale yellow liquid with strong lemon odor which occurs in essential oils of plants. Citral is insoluble in water but soluble in ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether and mineral oil. It is widely being used in perfumes and flavorings and also in manufacture of other chemicals. It is a mixture of two aldehydes and has same molecular formula but with different structures. The essential oil which contains citral is lemongrass oil (70 to 80%), and it is isolated by distillation. The other natural sources include oils of verbena and citronella

Present in many essential oils

Citral can be synthesized from mycrene, ionone and methylionone. The ionone can be converted into synthetic vitamin A. The other essential oils where the citral is present are lemon, orange, limetta and pimento. Citral is one of the main characteristics flavor in the citrus family along with limonene. Citral is used in lemon and citrus flavor confectionary, soft drinks and in cosmetics, after shave lotions and body lotions. In citral, the flavor of geranial is stronger than the flavor of neral even though both have the lemon flavor. It is used in the chemical synthesis of vitamin A but do not any vitamin activity. Citral is stable but easily isomerizes. It is not compatible with alkalies, oxidizing agents and strong acids.

Two forms of Isomers

Citral is combustible and light and air sensitive and has two natural form of isomers called citral A or geranial and citral B or neral. Citral's strong and fresh odor of lemon peels makes it an important ingredient in many of the fragrance materials. The plant where high citral content is present is Listea cubeba which is originally from China. It has both the forms of citral, neral and geranial, and historically it has been used as a source for natural citral. It overall gives the lemon odor to perfumes and after shave lotions and other lotions. It is widely used in soap industries to develop the rose note of the soap. Citral has sedative, antiviral and antibacterial effects. It is widely used in the manufacture of laundry and dishwashing products and air care products

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