Clove Bud SCFE Co2 Oil



Clove tree cultivation has been happening for more than 2000 years and clove bud oil is useful oil to have at home. Clove is traditionally used in many medicines and it plays important role in the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. Clove is a native to Indonesia and is widely used in Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries to add flavor to dishes apart from the use in medicines. Different part of the clove like buds, leaves and twigs are used for spice, remedy and aroma but the bud is specifically used for oil distillation. All the other parts of the tree contain eugenol which is a strong phenylpropene but the clove bud oil contains less of eugenol and that is the main reason why it is used in aromatherapy treatment.

External and Internal Use

Clove bud scfe co2 oil is antibacterial and stimulating and can be used externally and internally by diluting it. Clove bud oil is known for its association with dental problems and by adding few drops of the oil to cotton swab and applying it on tooth gives much respite from the toothache. It is ideal for people who have had dental work done recently by a dentist because it soothes the condition called dry socket by numbing the affected area. By applying clove bud oil it prevents from further irritation on the affected area. It can also be used for mouth and throat irritation and pain when applied directly on the skin. The oil can be used to ease muscular aches and sprains and clove bud can be used in vapor therapy to ease the respiratory problems.

Digestive Problems

The oil can be used for arthritis by mixing it with almond or jojoba oils and massaged on to the affected area. Clove bud oil is used in aromatherapy to aid digestive problems and this can be done by applying it topically on the stomach or abdomen. By adding a drop of clove bud oil to your favorite herbal tea you can help relieve nausea. Clove bud oil helps blood circulation on the face and help reduce puffiness especially under eyes. One can add a drop of the oil to the eye cream and apply cautiously in the morning for better results.
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