Evening Primrose Oil



Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Oenothera biennis

Family Name: Onagraceae

Common Names: evening primrose oil and EPO, suncups, sundrops

Part used: flower seeds obtained by crushing

Specific Gravity: 0.915-0.935
Optical Rotation: 19 degree
Refractive Index: 1.432-1.510

Blends well with: All carrier oils and essential oils

Uses: It can fight with hair dandruff; heal the wound and also helpful in preventing heart problems.

It can be sprinkled on the salad, food items or can be gulped isolated. It must not be heated before use can be used as it is.

Evening primrose

Countries where it's found

This wild flowery plant belongs particularly to North America .Although Southern Hemisphere, some parts of Asia and Europe also have yield of this yellow flowery plant.

Harvesting Information

Evening Primrose can be grown in poor, sandy soil, just needs sunshine to grow.

History of the Plant

It is believed that it was searched in North America. Its historical traces are near about 70000 years old. Indians who were native of America used it almost for hundred years Flambeau Ojibwe is supposed to be the first tribe which used evening primrose oil for its medicated value. So many other civilizations too used it and are also using it now.

Extraction Process

The evening Primrose oil is drained from the seeds of yellow flower of herbaceous flowering plants, which is known for its fragrance and medicated effects. The strange fact about this flower is that it blooms within less than a minute in the evening time.

Seeds from the flower are pressed to extract this rare oil and then it is stored and sold.
Commonly known Benefits
Even though lots of people criticize it and blame that it is good for nothing but so many researchers have proved that it contains GLA, which is essential for the body. It is used for skin care and keeps the skin healthier and younger looking. This oil also helps to solve the problem of acne, itching, oozing etc.
Most of the people believe that it also helps to improve fertility, although any scientific evidence is not there to prove this statement. It is quoted that it enables to move the sperm faster but still it is advised that it should not be taken in the starting weeks of pregnancy as it may cause uterine contractions.
It helps to keep your brain healthy and improves memory. So patients who have cognitive disabilities are recommended to intake the oil. It helps to revive your mood too.
It also relieves those patients who are suffering from joint pains.
So many anti ageing creams also use evening primrose oil as it counteracts on free radicals, which make you look more aged by the advancement of time and age.
Intense hunger and depressions can also be treated by the help of evening primrose oil.
It has GLA which is a fatty acid and is required for the growth of the body. Even though the intake of evening primrose oil can create headaches and gastric troubles, but it is too rare only in few cases.
No doubt it is an important ingredient and work as nectar for human. It is a rare species and keeps the mind and body fit.

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