Fir Needle Oil



Quick Facts

Botanical Name:Abies alba

Family Name: Pinaceae

Common Name: Fir

Part Used: needles and branches

Specific Gravity: 0.895-0.908 @ 20° C

Refractive Index: 1.450-1.500 @ 20° C

Optical Rotation: 5°~ -15 @ 20°

Blends Well With: It blends with lavender, lemon, pine, orange, marjoram, cistus, benjoin and rosemary.

Uses: It helps to solve so many problems related to cold and cough.

It is also known as a good antiseptic, antitussive, astringent, deodorant and tonic.

Fir needle

Countries where it's found

Bulgaria, Germany and France are the producers of the fir needle oil. Fir (Abies) tree is a native of North Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America. It is used worldwide and its qualities are also recognized globally.

Harvesting Information

It has no color and is extracted from fir which is a species of evergreen coniferous tree, which belongs to the family Pinaceae. . All native species reach till the height of ten to 80 m tall and has the diameters of .5-4 m when it ripens. Fir can easily be differentiated from the pine family as it has needles like leaves which are helpful to extract oil.

History of the Plant

Since ages, it is famous for its healing properties. In olden times its needles were also used to cure wounds and infections. If oil is not available then needles of the fir tree also have the same aroma, taste and disinfection qualities to cure the wound. Its smell is earthy and woody, can be used in body odors too. It grows wildly so the cultivation information is not having any traces. Still it is assumed that it originated in Russia.

Extraction Process

Fir needle oil is taken from the fresh branches and needles of the fir plant; this is the reason why it is called needle oil. Its fresh, green aroma has attracted people from ages towards it.

Commonly known Benefits
So many inflammatory health problems are removed with the help of fir needle essential oil. Bronchitis, coughs, colds and flu etc. can be cured by its help.
Rheumatism, muscle aches and sinusitis are also treated by it.
Fir essential oil essentially can be used in aromatherapy, it helps in allergic reactions to cure them but still it is not advisable to take it without the prescription of the doctor or the practitioner.
Fir needle oil is counted necessary for inhalations and massages and it is also poured in aroma lamps.
When any patient needs hygiene then it is also used for sanitation purpose.
It fights with respiratory problems and helps to work respiratory organs in a much better way.
Taking a fir bath can also refresh you.
Fir needle oil can cause irritation so should not be taken without any guidance, Even though it is true for almost all the essential oils. Pregnant women, cancer patients should not take it. Children should also not use them till they are not advised by the doctor to take them; the quantity of the oil should also be kept in check

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