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Jasmine Auriculatum is also known as Juhi, and it is a beautiful flower with an extremely heavy gardenia type scent. Flowers of Jasmine appear in bunches from summer to fall. Jasmine nature identical oil is soothing and mood lifting product. The aroma is strong and helps to elevate the mood. It has the power to stimulate libido. Jasmine nature identical has a medium note and has an aromatic scent which is sweet, exotic and richly floral. Jasmine nature identical is phthalate free.

With the progress of aroma chemicals creating nature identical oils is much easier now. Nature identical is a substance made using the aroma chemicals or molecules from natural or synthetic sources or from a combination of both.

Labour Intensive

Pure jasmine oil extracted from the flowers of jasmine is labour intensive and with the harvest season just a few weeks per year, it is difficult to extract the required amount of oil from natural flowers. Jasmine essential oil is high demand and low supply product and the current worldwide production will not even suffice even a fraction of the demand. A litre of pure jasmine will cost more than $10,000 in the market but the four main components can be reproduced in the laboratory for less than $100 per litre. The nature identical made in the laboratory may not be the right product to replace the original oil but it makes sense for the company to choose nature identical to get only the jasmine aroma. Jasmine nature identical has taken the market by storm by satisfying the customers.
Perfect Odor for much Cheaper Cost
For the customer, they get the perfect odor of jasmine for a much cheaper cost. They also do not have the instability of using pure essential oils or single aroma chemicals. Essential oils are too expensive to produce and there will be variation in aroma and consistency because of the geographical location, change in weather and many other factors. Jasmine nature identical blends well with Jasmin sambac, Jasmin grandiflorum , Elder flower, Cassie, Mimosa abs, Benzoin, Ylang-ylang etc. The Jasmine flower is held sacred to all forms of Hindu Goddess Devi and is part of the sacred offerings during different Hindu religious ceremonies
Production Methods: Mixing various essential oils, Aromatic chemicals and other absolute oils
Odor: Rich, floral & warm intense odor
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing when stored in proper condition

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