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This world is steering towards all that is visual and acoustic. The sense of smell is not given importance but it is absolutely essential for the fragrance industry. The sense of smell has varied effects. The smell of onions can bring tears to the eyes, fragrant scents can bring a sense of well being, a pungent smell can bring in the opposite reaction. Therefore we cannot underestimate the power of the sense of smell. Ancient cultures have always made use of sweet scents in curing diseases. Now it is back in vogue and is used in the fragrance and health industry.

Replications of Natural Oils

Technology has helped in making extraction of scents from flowers and plants. However development in science has replicated these scents synthetically and thus we have lavender-nature-identical. Natural extractions are costly and difficult to get so people are naturally veering towards its identical, especially in the fragrance and toiletries industry. Citral is the compound used to produce scents similar to rose, lavender and rose. Small molecular changes are made to citral to get the lavender identical. Lavender-nature-identical is used in combination with the natural oils and is therefore the oil is not completely synthetic.

Combination of Natural and Synthetic
Lavender-nature-identical is a combination of natural essential and synthetic compounds which are aromatic. It is used in cosmetics, candles, soaps and in some perfumes and scents which comes close to natural perfumes. All this is done at a very little cost. The 100% synthetic oils have only synthetic oils and can be harmful. But the nature identical oil like lavender-nature-identical oil has fewer compounds which are artificial. Therefore these oils are far superior to the synthetic ones. However lavender-nature-identical oil is not suited for therapeutic purposes and for aroma therapy. The synthetically created oils in combination with the natural blends are a good choice for cosmetics and toiletries. Usage of this helps the companies to bring down the price, therefore making it affordable for the common people. However it is always better to take a health expert's advice if you have a sensitive skin or delicate health.
Method of Production: via mixture of various essential oil, aromatic chemicals and absolutes, includes key ingredients of Limonene Linalyl Acetate Linalool
Widely used in : Fragrance, Incense & Cosmetic Industry
Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing when stored in proper condition

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