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Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon citratus

Family Name: Poaceae

Common Name: Lemon grass

Part used: Leaves

Specific Gravity: 0.895 to 0.910 at 20 °C

Optical Rotation: -30 to+10

Refractive Index: 1.483-1.489 at 20 °C

Blends well with: Basil, Coriander, Tea tree

Uses: It combats skin related disorders such as acne and open pores.

This oil is used in many skin care products.

Countries where it's found

The plant is native to India. It is also found in warm temperate and tropical regions. It also grows in the United States, Thailand, Caribbean, and Vietnam.

Harvesting Information

The plant grows in cooler regions and is best harvested towards the end of the season. When grown indoors, lemon grass can be harvested throughout the year.

History of the Plant

Ancient Chinese sued lemon grass in their traditional medicine to treat stomach upset, headaches, and colds. The plant is treasured for its traditional uses for more than a thousand years.

Extraction Process

Lemon grass oil is extracted by steam distillation of dried lemon grass leaves. The oil is colorless to pale yellow liquid with citrus lemon odor.

LemonGrass oil

Commonly known Benefits

Health benefits:

The oil clears headache, nervous exhaustion, and stress related conditions.

The oil acts as a good overall tonic and relieves the symptoms of jet lag.

The oil has antiseptic properties and helps in fighting athlete's foot and nervousness, and mild infections.

The essential oil of lemon grass is potent against respiratory infections such as sore throats, laryngitis, and fever. It alsoaids in indigestion, colitis, and gastroenteritis.

The oil's analgesic properties reduce pain and inflammation. It helps in relieving pain in muscles joints, toothaches and sudden pains resulting from other activities.

Lemon grass oil has antimicrobial property that inhibits microbial growth both internally and externally. It inhibits bacterial infections in colon, urinary tract, wounds, abdomen, and respiratory tract.

The oil also prevents viral infections such as influenza. Pox, cold, fever, and cough.

The oil also cures diseases formed as a result of bacterial infections such as typhoid, malaria, food poisoning, and skin diseases.

Lemon grass oil revitalizes the glandular secretions. It also boosts the parasympathetic nervous system.

The oil's astringent property improves blood flow and stops profuse bleeding. It also promotes hair follicles, gum contraction, blood vessels, skin, and muscles.

The oil prevents loosening of gums, hair fall, and fall of teeth.

Lemongrass oil is an effective carminative. It removes gas from the intestine and also stops the further gas formation.

The other therapeutic properties of the oil include: antiseptic, galactogogue, insecticidal, antipyretic, febrifuge, nervine, tonic, sedative, and anti-depressant.

Other benefits:

In aromatherapy, the oil is used in many skin care products.

It is found in deodorants to prevent sweating and body odor. It is also found in lotions that eliminate cellulites, and in creams to soothe inflammation or cracked skin.

In terms of culinary use, the oil is used in various herbal teas and soups and also as a food preservative.

Lemongrass oil is used as an insecticide, cleaning and deodorizing agent, and repellent.

The oil is used in soap and scented candle making and in perfumes.

Even though the order was very fast and always on time, the lemongrass oil doesn't smell like lemongrass at all, more likely doesn't have any smell. All other oils i ordered were ok though
I ordered few times from here, and the first time the scent of the lemongrass was fine, last time however was nearly without any smell, and i ordered 1 liter also which was very disappointing. Everything else was fine, the order was on time, other oils were ok, but this lemongrass should have strong distinctive smell, which it doesn't.
I can say, this oil was having such a strong odor profile that I only need to put nearly 60% of what i was using from a local supplier, I can see the difference your oil is a lot better , thankyou , you made my soap such nice...
Nice product affordable price, friendly customer support and smooth shipping process- Thanks
Today I got my 2 bottles of 33.3 Oz order , it was pretty fast with delivery. it was my first order with you and surprised to see your quality at a good costing! , I use about 20 liters a month for my soaps. I think we will good business in coming months. Cheers !!
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