Lime Oil



Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantifolia

Family Name: Rutaceae

Common Name: Lime oil

Part used: Grapeseed extracts, grapeseed oil, grape skins

Optical rotation: 1.4748 at 72 Fahrenheit

Refractive index: 50.5 at 72 Fahrenheit

Specific gravity: 0.8603 at 72 Fahrenheit

Blends well with: This oil blends well with withneroli, lavender, Clary sage and ylang-ylang.

Uses: It helps to treat fever related problems like sore throat and flu.

This oil boosts the immune system during coughs, bronchitis and asthma as well.


Countries where it's found

The Total production of lime throughout the world was around 10.6 million tones in 2010 and Mexico, Spain and Argentina are the major producers of lime.

Harvesting Information

The process of cultivation is very important because it determines the size and quality of fruit harvested. The seed takes four to eight years to transform into a plant of lime. At the age of ten years the maximum yield is produced. Trees which are produced from cutting and air laying process have fruit much before; this is also seen that sometimes they produce fruit after one year of planting. To retain the quality of ripening fruit it is essential not to pick them up early in the morning.

History of the Plant

This oil is basically from Asia but nowadays it is also grown in the warmer countries, of the globe specifically in Italy, West Indies and America. This plant can attain a height up to 15 feet. It is an evergreen tree with plate green leaves, firm spines and beautiful little white color flowers. Its fruit color is green but there are many varieties of this plant. Moors who is an emigrant of America to Europe. "Lime juicers" are the title given to those ships which transfer this fruit and the crews of ships are dependent on this fruit because it is a high source of vitamin C. It is also used as the flavoring agent in ginger ale.

Extraction Process

The oil of lime is extracted by the distillation process. It is done by two methods. In the first method the peel of the immature lime is removed by expression. In the second method the whole mature lime fruit goes though steam distillation. The second process is considered to be the best method as it eliminates the phototoxic effect from the skin of fruit.

Commonly known Benefits

1 Lime oil is used in burns and vaporizes to lift the depression and it also revitalizes the tired mind.

2 This oil is used in various massage oil or it is also used as a diluted in the bath it helps to relax painful muscles, respiratory problems and also prevents from cold and flu.

3 When it is used in creams and lotions it helps to clear oil blocked skin and it also works in removing cottage cheese from skin. It is a great product to fight from cellulite.

4 It can be used in the treatment of arthritis, poor circulation and rheumatism. It also removes the problem of obesity and cellulite.

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