Methyl Salicylate


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Name: Methyl Salicylate

Chemical Name: Methyl 2-Hydroxybenzoate

Chemical Formula: C8H8O3

Appearance: liquid

Molecular Weight: 152.15

Odor: sweet phenol alike

Specific gravity: 1.160 TO 1.180 AT 250 C

GLC Purity: 99%

Refractive Index: 1.5370 TO 1.5450 AT 200C

Color: colorless

Methyl salicylate is a organic ester produced from various plants specially from wintergreen and the birch and meadow sheets. This is also produced synthetically produced as its uses are many and varied. It was first isolated by a French chemist in 1843. When the plant is attacked by herbivore insects, the plants produce methyl salicylate as a defense mechanism. When this is released then the beneficial insects are attracted to the plant and the herbivorous insects are killed. Methyl salicylate is produced by plants to warn other plants of the same species of tobacco virus or other pathogens. This compound has the odor of wintergreen and takes on different colours like yellow or red. Sometimes it is colourless.

Available In Many Forms

The process of distillation is used to extract Methyl salicylate. The twigs of the plants are used for extraction. Nowadays for chemical production distillation is redundant as the whole process is synthesized. There are varied uses of Methyl salicylate. It is mostly used in ointments and creams that give pain relief. It blends well in creams, sprays, ointments, sprays and balms. Most of these medicines are sold over the counter; however it is advised to take these ointments under doctor's recommendation. It has the same compound as aspirin so it has to be used with caution.

Uses Of Methyl Salicylate

Methyl salicylate is effective for mild aches and pains like sprains, arthritis, and back pain. It acts as counter irritants. There is a cool and then warm feeling which camouflages the aches and pains. It distracts one's attention from the pains deep in the tissues, muscles to the cool and warm feeling. That is why it is effective only for mild pains. Sciatica and lumbago pains get relieved when methyl salicylate is used. The property of cool and the warm sensation has made it popular in the usage in local analgesic for veterinary and human ailments. However this not be applied on burnt skin or skin damaged due to other reasons. It should be used on babies and children. It has to be used only with doctor's prescription

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