Neem Kernel SCFE Co2 Oil



Neem is native of South East Asia and grows in many other countries throughout the world. The biological name is Azadirachta indica and the biologically active Neem compounds are resultant from parent compound, tetrecyctic triterpenoid tirucallol. All the neem products are used as anti-feedant, repellant, bio-pesticide and growth disruptor. Neem seed essence is extracted using the super critical carbon dioxide under restricted conditions. In this process carbon dioxide is used at significant temperatures and pressures to extract the active ingredients of the leaf without using high temperatures or harmful chemicals. Super critical extraction provides a far more concentrated extract which is closer to the herb. Conventional extraction method uses heat, alcohol and other chemical solvents like butylenes or propylene glycols, acetone and petroleum derivatives.

Agricultural and Medicinal Purposes

Neem scfe co2 is used as botanical insecticide, miticide and fungicide. It is connected to many agricultural and medicinal purposes. Neem is used a medicine in many traditional herbal medicines and is also used in cosmetic industries and pharmaceuticals industries. It is widely used as pest controls products in homes and crops. The compound produced called azadirachtin protects it from damage causing insects. Azadirachtin is a tetranortriterpenoid compound and it controls the hormonal system, feeding activity, reproduction and flying ability of the insects. There are more than hundred terpenoid compounds found in different parts of the neem tree and azadirachtin is the most active of these. There are different kinds of azadirachtin which have been isolated and the most abundant one is Azadirachtin A. The mammalian toxicity of Azadirachtin is low and it degrades fast in the environment. It does not have any side effects and the seeds of neem have the highest concentration of azadirachtin.

Many other Uses

Neem has been successfully used all over the world against aphids, cutworms, fungus gnats, shore flies, leaf miner, thrips, mildew and many others. Neem oil is effectively used on insects other than those that feed on plants. It is effective against spiders, cockroaches, grain weevils and many types of pests of homes and stores food. Neem oil can either repel or kills these insects. Neem has been in use for more than thousands of years to protect grains in native countries. It is also used in the formulation of shampoos, creams, lotions and toothpaste. It is a natural remedy for head lice, scabies and as a biting fly repellent
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