Oleoresin Capsicum 6 Million SHU



Oleoresin of Capsicum { Natural Heat of Chilli }

Capsicum Oleoresin ( Hot Red Chillies Extract 6 Million SHU)

Botanical Name : Capsicum annum

Family Name : Solanaceae

Colour Value : 4000 CU (max)

Shelf Life : 24 months under the specified storage conditions.

Heat Units : 6 millon SHU [ scoville heat units ]


Appearance : Dark red viscous liquid

Odour : Characteristic Very mild aroma of red chillies

Shelf life and Storage : 24months under the specified storage conditions. Store preferably in full, tight containers in a cool, dry, place protected from light.

Additives : Permitted additives to standardise the product. No preservatives or antioxidants added.

Handling : Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Stir well before drawing the product from the container.

Dispersibility/ solubility : Can be dispersed in dry/liquid carriers such as salt, dextrose, edible oil, lecithin, benzyl acohol etc. Soluble in edible oils.

Spice Equivalent : One Kg replaces 70 kg of Chilli Powder

Technical Specifications

Colour value : 4000 CU-MSD-10- SIC/Q.M/202
Residual solvent : 10 ppm-EOA
Microbiology : Free from Microbial contaminants

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