Paprika Oleoresins



Oleoresin of Paprika { Natural Red color } 100,000 CU
Paprika oleoresin is derived from the dried ripe fruits of Capsicum annum Linn, and is devoid of any pungent principles. It chiefly contains pigments namely capsanthin and carotenes. The pigments are responsible for the red colour. It is used as a colouring agent in food products and as an antioxidant.
Paprika Oleoresin

Description : Oleoresin Paprika is the pungency-free colour concentrate of the dried fruit of Indian red chillies.

Appearance : Dark red viscous liquid
Odour : Characteristic Very mild aroma of red chillies
Shelf life and Storage : 10 ppm 12 months under the specified storage conditions. Store preferably in full, tight containers in a cool, dry, place protected from light.
Additives : Permitted additives to standardise the product. No preservatives or antioxidants added.
Handling : Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Stir well before drawing the product from the container.
Dispersibility/ solubility : Can be dispersed in dry/liquid carriers such as salt, dextrose, edible oil, lecithin, benzyl acohol etc. Soluble in edible oils.
Spice Equivalent : One Kg replaces 70 kg of Paprika Powder.
Technical Specifications

Colour value : 100000 CU-MSD-10- SIC/Q.M/202
Residual solvent : 10 ppm-EOA
Microbiology : Free from Microbial contaminants

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