Piperine Extract



Botanical Name: Piper Nigrum

Family Name: Piperaceae

Common Name: Black Pepper, Peppercorns

Part used: Dried Unripe Fruits, Usually Known as Peppercorns


Piperine extract helps to increase absorption of many nutrients like co-enzyme Q10, selenium, curcumin, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Piperine also helps the metabolic process called thermogenesis which generates energy in the human body. By generating energy in the human body one can lose weight in a big way. It also helps with fat metabolism and generates energy metabolism in the body. Black pepper is popularly known as a spice used in the household. This is used widely as a medicine right from ancient times. Piperine, which is present in the extract, is the main ingredient to support health benefits. Piperine extract is used in many sports supplement products all over the world. This increases the bioavailability of nutrients through increases absorption. World over this has been suggested as safe and efficient ingredient for nutritional use.

Countries where it is found: India. It is a native of Southeast Asia or South Asia.

Harvest Information:

Piperine extract is extracted from the black pepper fruit which is widely cultivated in the soil regions of Southern India. The berries are harvested and sun dried to extract the highest quality Piperine extract. The pepper plant is a woody vine which grows up to 4 meters and it is a spreading vine. The plant can be grown in soil which is not too dry or vulnerable to flooding. The roots of the plants are covered in leaf mulch and manure for better results and the shoots are trimmed twice in a year. On dry grounds the plants needs to be watered every day during summer at least for the first three years. The fruits appear in the fourth or fifth year and bear fruits for seven years. When the fruits in the base start becoming red, the harvesting starts.

History of Plant:

The word pepper has its roots in the Dravidian word for long pepper, pippali. The Greeks and Latin changed the name to piper.

Extraction Process:

Piperine can be extracted from black pepper using dischloromethane and aqueous hydrotopes can be used to get high yield and selectivity.

Commonly Known Benefits:

Piperine extract is good for body builders because it helps to get the best out of training and nutrition. It helps to increase the blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract, increases emulsifying content of the gut, and increases the active nutrient transport. Piperine extracts increase the thermogenic activity in the body and helps to reduce weight. Piperine extract is also good for athletes as it helps to digest the biological active compounds in the food before it is released from the food. Many traditional formulas which are more than 6000 years old uses piperine extract as a major ingredient in sports nutrition medicines and food. It is always better to consult a doctor before the intake of piperine extract. Pregnant and breast feeding women are advised not to consume this product. Piperine extract is not good for children and this should be not be consumed along with any medicines for cancer

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