Rosemary Oleoresin



Rosemary Oleoresin

It is oleoresin obtained from Rosemary Rosemarinus officinalis. It is prepared by soaking the leaves & twigs of rosemary in volatile solvent using the solvant extraction process & direct via SCFE extraction methods. They mainly contain volatile oil, resin and anti-oxidant agents. The volatile oil is composed of Borneol, Camphor and Tupenes. They also contain Phenolic Acids like Carnosic Acid, which is used as antioxidant. Besides it is used for flavoring cosmetics, liniments and hair lotions. The Oil is used as Carminaline.


Botanical Name : Rosemarinus officinalis
Family Name : Lamiaceaee
Name in some International Languages : Spanish-Romero, Arabic-Iklil Aj, Chinese-Hu-Chiao
Flavour Characteristics : Highly aromatic and hot
Usage Profile : Foods, preservatives and medicines
Commercial part : leafs & twigs
Harvesting Season : December to March .

Synonyms : Rosemary oleoresin

Odor Description : Fresh Leaf Fragrance Of Rosemary

Appearance : Dark Brownish Yellow Semi-solid Paste.

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