Quick Facts

Botanical Name: Valeriana officinalis

Family Name: Valerianaceae

Common Name: Valeriana

Part used: Root

Specific Gravity: 0.940-0.951 @25 °C
Optical Rotation: (-30) – (-20) @20 °C
Refractive Index: 1.500 - I.5071 @ 25 °C

Uses: Valerian oil is a very effective stimulant, carminative and antispasmodic.

This oil lowers and regulates the blood pressure. It is a tension and stress meltor

Valerian root oil

Countries where it's found

The Valerian plants are grown in many countries of Europe and in some parts of Asia as well. Now its production can be found in North America also.

Harvesting Information

The valerian plant is cultivated in a fertile soil. Valerian root is collected in the fall. Some roots are mop like and fibrous.

History of the Plant

Since the times of Greece and Rome, Valerian has been popularly used for medicinal purposes. Its useful properties were described by Hippocrates and Galen preferred it as a remedy for insomnia. In fact it was also used to scare off the envy of the elves in medieval Sweden where it was generally placed in the groom's wedding dress. Pilgram Marpeck was the first to examine its medicinal values and found its effectiveness as a remedy for sickness.

Extraction Process
The essential oil of Valerian is extracted through steam distillation of the plants dried roots. The Valerian stalks are cut off with a scythe and the roots are shaken to remove excess oil. The roots are washed to remove all stones and impurities. The roots are chopped into small pieces and dried at room temperature in shade for about 10 days. The oil is then extracted using steam distillation process. This oil is fluid liquid olive green to olive brown in colour.

Commonly known Benefits
Nervous system: Valerian root oil is very effective in treating nervous system related problems such as seizures, stress, fits and so on.
Sound Sleep: The aroma therapists adhere to the belief that valerian root are more powerful in treating anxiety and help in getting sound sleep.
Anxiety Treatment: The regular intake of medicines prescribed for anxiety treatment might lead to addiction but Valerian Root Oil is not addictive at all and due to this special property it is widely preferred for treatment of anxiety as well as palpitation.
Maintain normal Blood Pressure: The Valerian root oil constituents also help to reduce and maintain normal blood pressure.
Antispasmodic: The Valerian root oil is also a very good antispasmodic. It is popularly used for treating muscular spasms. It also provides immediate relief from gout and rheumatic pains. A massage with this oil is considered very effective in treatment of all muscular pains.
Fever Treatment: The Valerian oil is very beneficial in treatment of fever as it subsidizes the headache and can be used to treat migraine patients also.
Cuts and Burns: Minor cuts, burns and bruises can be easily treated with the application of valerian oil over the affected area as it stops the infection and starts the healing process.
The Valerian root Oil is a blessing for mankind considering its wide range of medicinal applications. However, long exposure or contact with this oil can also cause numbness of affected area so caution must be exercised and it should strictly be used under medical supervision.

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