Quick Facts
Botanical Name:
Juglans Regia (Linn)
Family Name: N.O. Jugland Aceae
Common Name: Carya, Jupiter Nuts, Carya Persica, Nux Regia
Parts Used: leaves and walnut kernel
Specific Gravity: 0.922 to 0.923 at 20c.
Optical Rotation: + 4.5
Refractive Index: N/A 1.470 – 1.481
Blends well with: Oils Like Rosehip Oil, Babobab Oil, and Marula Oil.

Uses: Skin care products, cosmetics, massage oils, hair care, food Due to its rich flavour, it is in great demand as dressing in salads and also with meat products.

Countries where it's found

It is found mostly in European countries like France and also in Australia.

Harvesting Information

Walnut trees grow well in colder climes. It is mostly in autumn that the walnut is harvested. Generally it is plucked from the trees and also the fallen walnuts are picked up from the ground by persons who are hired for the job.

History of the Plant

Walnut is well known since ancient times. Right from 6th century B.C., walnut was considered as a fruit which enabled development of mental faculties. Because of its shape it was also known as a 'brain developer'. It was obligatory on the part of certain communities to offer walnut to important persons and not offered to ordinary persons.

Extraction Process

The method used in producing walnut oil is age old. The dry kernel is removed and the soft fleshy part of the walnut is grounded into a soft paste. After the paste is formed then it is roasted. Finally the paste is put into a pressing machine through which the oil is extracted. If the walnut is of a high quality then the oil recovered is small and vice versa.

Walnut oil

Commonly known Benefits

Treatment in diseases: it is known to be very effective in prevention of problems in the male reproductory system and adenoma and prostatitis. It is also recommended in case of severe vitamin deficiency, and is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases as it has a salutary effect on the blood vessels. Moreover, it has a beneficial effect on the eyes, brain, liver and heart.

Dietary usage: Due to its thin viscosity, this oil is very well taken by the body and easily digestible. It gives the user abundant energy and replenishes vitamins in the body.

Mental enhancement: It is considered a very useful brain power supplement and regular use can enhance one's mental abilities. It is commonly used for improving the memory and treatment of memory loss.

Additional benefits

Walnut oil is known for all its health benefits and enhancement of brain power. It is also given its due as a culinary supplement. Further, it is also useful as a beauty enhancer. Regular usage of this oil is known to give the user a soft and silky skin free of blemishes. It also acts as a sunscreen. It promotes secretion of melanin in the skin and thereby prevents skin from being burnt. Moreover, this oil is equally safe to be used by adults as well as children.

This oil has good quality and freshness, i used for salad dressing
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