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Wheat germ scfe-co2 contains many vital nutrients like vitamin E, Folic acid, Magnesium, Thiamin, Phosphorous, Zinc etc. Wheat germ is small nugget seen deep in the core of every grain of wheat and it is the most important source of nutrition. The grains have wheat bran which is the skin of the grain and has a firm and fibrous texture. The endosperm which is the other part is the larger section of the grain and contains most of the wheat's starch. Germ is just the 2.5 percent of the total grain and is the core of life of the new sprouts. Wheat germs are removed during the white flour refinement and it takes more than 50 pounds of wheat to make one pound of wheat germ. Wheat germ boosts the immune system in the human body and act as a preventative measure against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Used in Food

Wheat germ has anti-aging properties and helps in boosting the mental agility, muscle development, physical stamina and healing rates for wounds. It also aids in digestion, prevent damage to the arteries and aid the efforts to lose weight. The wheat germ is extracted from the kernel for producing the wheat germ oil and when consumed in its entirety or in the form of oil the benefits of the germ is passed into a person body. The oil can be used as cooking or baking oil and can also be used on salads or in pasta sauces. It is not generally used as frying oil because the nutrients get lost when heated to the frying level. It is also added in desserts or smoothies and even used as a replacement for breadcrumbs or flour in many dishes.

It has everything you need

Human body needs energy, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and this interacts with the human internal systems. Wheat germ and its oil have all these and that is the reason why it is a bountiful source of energy. Wheat germs have high level of potassium, phosphorus and selenium also. By adding wheat germ or its oil in the diet one can boost the immune system and it also helps to fight against a number of diseases and conditions.

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