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Ylang - Ylang is the flower of the cananga tree. The botanical name of cananga tree is cananga odorata. Its origin is Philippines. The flowers of the tree has a strong smell which is extracted for perfumes. It is also used for aromatherapy. The tree is called perfume tree, Macassar-oil plant and fragrant cananga. In Indonesia it is known as kenanga and in Balinese it is called sandat. It belongs to the Annonaceae family. The oil extracted is highly fragrant and a large quantity of oil can be extracted here. It grows well in rainforest where there is acidic soils and full or partial sunlight.

Different And Varied Uses

Ylang-ylang oil is said to normalize the secretion of sebum thereby reducing skin problems. It is good for high blood pressure and is also aphrodisiac. Perfumes which have a rich floral fragrance use ylang-ylang in abundance. Ylang – ylang is spread on the beds of newlyweds, so it holds a very special place for people of Indonesia. In Philippines women wear this flower as a necklace, and it is adorned on the images of religious gods and goddesses. In Madagascar it is used to flavor ice creams. The oil is extracted through steam distillation.

Nature Identical Is As Good As Essential Oils

Some of the aromatic components of ylang-ylang oil is linalool, methyl benzoate, methyl ether and benzyl acetate. The nature identical oils replicate these components and create the same aroma in

the labs all over the world. Ylang-ylang nature identical oil is blends of natural essential oils and the synthetic aromatic components. The scent is floral, exotic and sweet. It is used in candles, soaps and other fragrant products. This oil is very different from the purely synthetic oil as natural identical oil has fewer synthetic components and therefore the fragrance is closer to the original. It is also free from phthalate. While the natural essential oil is used in therapeutic applications, the nature identical is not used for this purpose and is solely used in the aromatic industry. Another benefit of this oil is that it is cheaper than the natural essential oils.

Method of Extraction: Ylang Ylang identical oil extract by mixing the variety of essential oils, absolutes and aroma chemicals

Appearance & Odor: Light pale yellow, strong sweet floral alike

Shelf Life: 2 Years from the date of manufacturing when stored in proper condition

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