Natural Remedies For Allergies

Spring time is wonderful but it is also a time for allergies when chronic sufferers go through hell with runny noses and tearful eyes. Spring brings a profusion of pollen which is one of the worst allergens. Add to that dust and pet dander and the worst nightmares of allergy suffers come to roost. Over-the- counter medication that is available for allergies works for a while but then you have to cope with the drowsiness that it brings along. If this is your condition, it is time you tried one of the alternative options. The nasal rinse tops the chart among alternative remedies. The only apparatus you need is the neti pot which looks a lot like a tea pot. It has been used for centuries in India.

Neti And Inhalation

The pot is filled with lukewarm saline water which is poured into one nostril. When the head is tilted forwards and sideways, the saline solution flows out through the other nostril clearing it of clogged mucus. The same effect could be achieved by using a saline nasal spray. Steam inhalation can also open clogged sinus passages. Boil a saucepan of water. Turn off the heat, place on a firm surface and add couple of drops of Eucalyptus Oil, two drops of rosemary oil and two drops each of myrtle and Tea Tree Oil. Tent a thick bath towel over your head and the saucepan and inhale deeply taking care not to scald your face. Continue for at least 10 minutes.

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Try Probiotics And Local Honey  

Probiotics play a role in boosting immunity. Most people associate them only with improving digestion but taken regularly they improve immunity too. Though there is no scientific theory to back this, practitioners of alternative medicine claim that local honey if consumed regularly can help in keeping allergies at bay. They quote the theory that honey being mixed with local pollen supplies small doses of the allergen thereby producing immunity. Quercetin is a substance found in the skin of apples and onions. This product also eases problems caused by allergies as doesbromelain which is an extract of pineapple. Stinging nettle tea also provides relief from the worst symptoms of hay fever and sneezing. The tea bag will have to be infused for up to 15 minutes to get the full benefit.

Homeopathy Can make A Difference

Homeopathy has several excellent medicines which deal with allergies. These are especially useful to those who cannot take over-the-counter medication. Euphrasia treats burning and itchy eyes while Allium cepa is good for a drippy nose. You may have to persevere with homeopathy for at least a week to find relief. But you find the right medication, there is the prospect of a cure. Having air filters and humidifiers in the bedroom is a great idea. Humid air is kinder to mucus membrane than dry air. Air filters can remove pollen and spores from the air. Both should be installed in bedrooms. Acupuncture also has been found to be beneficial is treated chronic cases of allergies. If you wish to try it, do go to an experienced and certified practitioner.

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