Amazing health benefits of Moringa

Moringa is fast becoming a popular product all over the world because of its health benefits. Moringa in different forms provides relief for many problems like stomach disorders, allergies, edema etc. Moringa has antioxidant power which helps in giving relief to problems like liver disorders, diabetes cure, protection of eyes, cardiovascular health, wound healing, hair care, skin care, bone health and urolithiasis.  The rich antibacterial and antifungal properties f moringa helps fight against infection of different types. Moringa has the presence of phytonutrients in it which is helpful for preventing medical conditions like cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and bronchial asthma, high cholesterol, nephrotoxicity, obesity and anaemia and it helps building a strong immune system. In Ayurveda, moringa is widely used for many therapeutic uses and generally credited for its antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The botanical name of Moringa is Moringa oleifera and is also commonly known as the drumstick tree, Horseradish tree, shigru and Ben oil tree. This highly valued and multipurpose plant is from the Moringaceae family and is a fast-growing deciduous tree which is a native of India. The tree is widely cultivated in the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, Africa and South America also. Moringa has been used widely across various cultures since olden times because of its multitude of benefits. The Romans, Egyptians and the Greeks have been using moringa for its medicinal impact on different kinds of diseases. Modern science has of late discovered the value of moringa and many humanitarian organisations are using moringa for fight malnutrition and its effects in regions struck by poverty. Moringa leaves and pods are considered as the nutritional source of power which provides a great amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Moringa is rich source of essential amino acids and also contains a noteworthy amount of vitamins like vitamin A, B1(thiamine), B3(niacin), B6, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid and folate. It contains rich minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous. There is no harmful cholesterol in moringa and it contains very low amount of fats. Moringa is called “miracle tree” because of its medicinal benefits and is also called the mother’s best friend because of its galactagogic properties. Moringa plant contains rich antioxidants like kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, zeatin, rutin, chlorogenic acid, quercetin and beta-sitosterol.

Used for Different Treatments

Moringa and its extracts are used for the treatment of edema. The treatment with its root extract which contains anti-inflammatory qualities is effective in slowing down the development of edema. Moringa is effective in protecting human liver because it exercises a hepatoprotective effect on the liver. The moringa leaves is effective against liver damage caused due to anti-tubercular drugs and it has a moving effect in the speed up of the recovery process. Moringa brings back the levels of glutathione content in the body and helps in preventing radiation induced hepatic lipid peroxidation. This is mainly because of the presence of phytochemicals like catechin, ferulic acid and vitamin C present in drumstick. Moringa is widely used in treating stomach disorders like constipation, gastritis and ulcerative colitis because of the isothiocyanates present in it. Studies world over has proved that treatment with moringa leads to the reduction of ulceration and its ability to cure ulcerative colitis is comparable with the commercially available drug prednisolone. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties present in moringa prevent the growth of different pathogens like helicobacter pulori bacteria and coliform bacteria which causes diarrhoea. Moringa helps in fighting obesity because of its highly nutritional and low-fat properties. The high presence of vitamin B in its leaves helps in digestion and helps convert the food into energy.moringa-seed-oil

The oil extracted from Moringa seeds is highly useful for the skin and hair and effective against the infection caused by herpes simplex virus. The special healing effects of this herb prevent the development of skin injuries and prevent the formation of plaque caused by the virus. Moringa oil has strong hydrating and detoxifying effects and it helps in neutralising the effects of harmful pollutants which prevents wrinkles and slows down aging. The high protein content of drumstick helps in protecting the dermal cells from damage caused due to heavy metals like mercury and cadmium. The oil is widely used in the production of cosmetics and skin care products because of this reason. Moringa seed oil is very good for the hair and has been in use since ancient times. It protects the hair from damage caused by the environment like ultraviolet radiation. It is used as effective conditioner for the scalp and helps in strengthening the roots and boosting hair growth.

Microbe Causing Diseases

Moringa has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties which are effective against the growth of disease causing microbes. Moringa extract protects against food borne microorganisms like Salmonella, Rhizopus species, E.Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enetrobacter aerogenes and Staphylococcus aureus. It is ideal fr sanitation and preservation purposes and the leaves of moringa, with its anti-fungal properties helps prevent growth of diseases caused due to fungi like Penicillium spp. and Aspergillus spp.  Moringa is an anticancer agent and highly used in tumour therapy. It has chemopreventive properties credited to the presence of phenolic components quercetin and kaempferol. The presence of bioactive compound niazimicin helps in controlling the development of cancer cells. It helps cure various types of cancers like the ovarian cancer, hepatic carcinogenesis and skin papillomagenesis by controlling the production of malignant cancer cells and inducing apoptosis which is also known as programmed cell death.

Moringa is also valuable in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and the treatment with the moringa extract has the ability to alter brain monoamines like norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine and it also provides protection against monoaminergic deficiencies connected to Alzheimer’s disease.  The moringa extract protects the cardiovascular system and prevents myocardial or cardiac damage through its powerful antioxidants. Studies provide solid evidence that proves the anti-peroxidative and cardio protective effects of moringa therapy. It slows down the increase in liquid peroxidation in the myocardial tissue and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. Moringa treats diabetes by reducing the blood glucose, urine sugar and urine proteins in diabetic test subjects. It also increases haemoglobim levels and total protein contents of the diabetic subjects. The presence of high minerals like calcium and phosphorous, helps the human body in maintaining healthy bones. The moringa extract has anti-inflammatory properties which is useful in the treatment of arthritis and also helps in healing various diseases like mandibular or jaw bone fracture.

Boosts Immunity

Moringa leaf extracts boosts the immunity in human body and also boosts the cellular immune response and provide positive effects other immune system values like total leucocyte count, antibodies and hypersensitivity reaction. The moringa plant extract provide relief from bronchial asthma and inflammation caused in the airways. The moringa seed extract has antiallergenic qualities and it is good for allergic diseases like allergic rhinitis and anaphylaxis. It helps to reduce the sternness of asthmatic attacks and various symptoms like wheezing, dyspnea, cough and contraction of chest. It helps the lungs to function better and also helps in better respiration. The extracts from moringa are effective against formation of kidney stones, stones in the bladder and uterus. Moringa have anti-urolithiatic activity and its helps reduction in the urinary oxalate levels. Moringa extracts protects against nephrotoxicity which refers to kidney problems caused due to exposure to certain types of drugs or toxins.  The nephroprotective effect of moringa helps in calming renal injuries because of its high antioxidant content. It also serves as effective bio-absorbent and helps to remove heavy metals and destructive toxins.

Another notable quality of moringa is its anti-fertility quality. Solvent extracts of moringa possess estrogenic activity and is useful in the prevention of sexual implantation in the human body. Moringa leaves have properties which can heal wounds especially in the treatment of wounds with repect to skin breaking strength, wound closure rate and reduction in the scar area.  Moringa has the capacity to maintain optimal levels of blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. Moringa have bioactive components like isothiocyanate and niaziminin which helps to prevent the thickening of arteries and reduce the development of pulmonary hypertension.   Moringa is ideal for improving eye health because it is rich in antioxidant. It provides protection against retinal damage and it helps in preventing the dilatation of retinal vessels and also keeps the retinal vasculature safe. Moringa extracts are good for the treatment of anaemia and sickle cell diseases. Moringa extracts also helps in the absorption of iron which increases the red blood cell count and also helps to maintain normal blood parameters. Moringa has zinc and flavonols like kaempferol, acacetin and quercetin and phenolic acids like melilotic acid and vanillic acid which is good for sickle cell diseases.  Almost all the parts of the moringa tree like leaves, barks, fruits and roots are used as food items all over the world. The leaves are used for salads and also in the preparation of soups and sauces. Drumstick oil which is extracted using the cold press method is used for cooking and has long shelf life.  The young seed pod of moringa is used in various dishes in India. Moringa leaves have high protein content is considered as a great alternative to meat. The amino acids like arginine and histidine present in moringa are essential for infants and are also ideal for fighting malnutrition in the underprivileged regions.

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