Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Properties of healing in essential oils were discovered in the 1920 s by Rene Maurice Gate Fosse, a chemist from France. Essential oils were harnessed by the Egyptians for embalming, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. In many of the homes, aromatherapy is being widely practiced with sources from incense pastes, incense sticks, aromatic plants and flowers for the many benefits it provides.

Holistic Well Being

For holistic healing one of the oldest methods being used is aromatherapy. With the use of aroma and fragrance, it is a great therapy for rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. As compared to good smell, there can be nothing, as memorable. In fact just one fleeting, momentary and unexpected scent could help in conjuring up a lot of emotions, feelings and memories!

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Aromatherapy Health Benefits

The fragrance of jasmine and roses helps in making you feel great and lifts up your spirits. A lot of people like the smell of cookies and bread which has been freshly baked. Psychological and physiological benefits of herbs are used in a complementary and alternative health science called aromatherapy for managing illnesses in a wide range.

Power Of Healing

Essential oils obtained from plants are pure in essence and volatile. They help in treating many diseases like dementia, stress, pain reduction, cancer, obesity and arthritis and promote health through the sense of smell. There are many perfumes and fragrances available but all do not qualify as aromatherapy oil and may not be beneficial necessarily.

Essential oil in its natural form does not contain any artificial and synthetic chemical and helps in providing therapeutic value if used in a safe and correct manner. The essence of aromatherapy is nothing but essential oil healing power. In aromatherapy treatment the oil is available in concentrated form and it is necessary to dilute most of them before usage, barring a few of them.

Powerful Synergy

Unique combinations and blends termed as synergy can be created with different oils. If individual oils are used, they seem less powerful however the synergy products prove to be more effective and powerful. The best way to go is mix the essential oils with Carrier Oil or dilute them.

The natural state of man is good health and wholeness. If this natural state has any obstructions then they can be removed by healing thus bringing them in perfect alignment with the world and themselves. It is for this reason that scents and aromas are used for healing the body and transforming emotions. Besides treating the physical body, the aromatic essential oils are useful in elevating the state of mind as well.

Influencing Emotions And Behavior

Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

Behavior and emotions are best influenced by aromas and scents. Fragrance of the essential oil enters the limbic system or the brain section which is responsible for controlling learning, moods, memory and emotions. Positive power of the aroma brings helps bring back pleasant memories and induces well being at an emotional level. This in turn helps in encouraging regaining of energy and relaxation. Power of affection also gets stimulated with fragrance when inhaled and has corresponding effect on emotions and feelings.

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