Pumpkin Seed Oil & It’s benefits

Pumpkin seed oil is extracted from the unhusked seeds of pumpkin and is manufactured traditionally made I parts of Europe for more than 300 years. The taxonomic name of the pumpkin is Cucurbita pepo. But there are many other subspecies and cultivars from which the oil is extracted now. North America is the original home of pumpkins and this was used by Native Americans for centuries for many health benefits before European explorers brought the seed back home and started cultivation. US is the largest producer of pumpkin in the world today and it is also produced in countries like Mexico, India and China. The oil is pressed from these seeds and then utilised for a wide variety of culinary and medicinal applications and is also available in many parts of the world. The oil is dark green in colour or deep red and this depends on the thickness of the oil. When the oil becomes brown in colour it takes a bitter taste. The oil is used as a salad dressing, in desserts and even added to soups and stews for obtaining a nutty sweetness. It is generally not used as cooking oil because of its low smoke point. Heating pumpkin seed oil will neutralise the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which is there in noteworthy quantities in this oil.  The important fats include oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, linolenic and other fatty acids. These ingredients give the major health benefits through this oil.

One cup of unsalted pumpkin seed nutrition contains 11.9 grams protein, 11.9 grams protein, 11.8 grams dietary fibre, 6.6 milligrams zinc (44 percent DV), 168 milligrams magnesium (42 percent DV),588 milligrams potassium (16.8 percent DV), 52.1 milligrams iron (11.7 percent DV), 9 milligrams phosphorus (5.9 percent DV) and 35 milligrams calcium (3.5 percent DV). The health benefits of pumpkin oil are remarkable and it improves heart health, improves the look of the skin, improves circulation, strengthens the bones, prevents depression, gets rid of inflammation, boosts hair growth, balances hormones and protect prostate. Pumpkin seed oil can benefit people dealing with poor circulation,anxiety, stress, depression, hair loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, various skin conditions, inflammatory conditions, hormonal imbalances, enlarged prostate, and osteoporosis. Regular use of pumpkin seed oil boosts hair growth by a substantial amount and keeps you young and refreshing.   Pumpkin seed oil is very good for improving the heart health because it has one of the highest concentrations of polyunsaturated fats of any food source. What pumpkin oil has are the healthy fat which is necessary for the body to function normally and not the fat which is unhealthy. The oleic and linoleic acids found in the seeds of pumpkin helps to lower blood pressure and also balance cholesterol levels and this protects the body from heart attacks, atherosclerosis, heart diseases and strokes.

Other Benefits

Pumpkin seed oil prevents prostate cancer. It improves the urine flow and decrease inflammation of prostate and protects men from one of the most deadly forms of cancer. An enlarged prostate makes urination painful or difficult and can increase the chances of developing prostate cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of pumpkin seed oil is popular and is known for treating arthritis. The high content of fatty acids in this oil helps joint lubrication and reduces the pain and discomfort connected to arthritis.  The fatty acid found in the pumpkin seed oil has many antioxidant properties which is good for the skin. When applied topically this oil will reduce inflammation, stimulate growth of new cells, and defend against infections and oxidative stress in skin cells. It helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes related to age. Pumpkin seed oil is a rich source of vitamin E and this helps in skin appearance and texture. The oil contains zinc, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other antioxidants also which is good for the skin. It can be used in a natural way to re-grow hair and zinc present in it thickens the hair and speed up the growth. It contains vitamin A, E and K and four fatty acids including the omega 6 linoleic which is excellent for the hair.

Pumpkin seed oil increases circulation with its anticoagulant nature. It gets rid of the slow-moving blood and lowers the risk of blood clots and improves oxygenation of extremities and organ system which will boost their function. Regular consumption of pumpkin seed oil relieves anxiety and depression and enhance mood by lowering stress hormone levels in the body.  Make sure that you consume the oil in small quantities to make use of the benefits the oil offer. You can also apply the oil to the temples, chest or neck for relief. Pumpkin seed oil is ideal for women who are menstruating or going through menopause. The oil provides a reduction in symptoms like menstrual cramps, less mood shifts and decrease in hot flashes. All this is possible because of the presence of phytoestrogens and phytosterols present in the oil.

Source of Bone Strength

Pumpkin seed oil increases bone strength due to the presence of omega 6 fatty acids present in it. It has many other vitamins and minerals present in it which prevents osteoporosis and ensure good bone mineral density.   The quality of the oil you buy is the most important point at the time of purchase. Pumpkin seed oil is quite vulnerable to temperature and sunlight and this may even hamper the quality of the oil. Normal shelf life of the oil is not more than 1 year and if you use the oil past the date mentioned then it may result in stomach upset and gastrointestinal problems. Low quality filler oils mixed with the pumpkin seed oil will also lower the efficiency of the oil and cause side effects.

Zeaxanthin is available in high levels in perfectly pressed pumpkin seed oil and this is an antioxidant which protects your eyes from UV and blue light damage. Zeaxanthin is fellow antioxidant of carotenoid and these are very useful for the eyes. Zeaxanthin has the ability to protect the retina of the yes from damaging things like blue light and UV light also.  When cold pressed pumpkin seed oil is consumed on a regular basis it means that the eyes are fully protected and risk of macular degeneration is less. Macular degeneration can be irritating especially for elderly people and this can be avoided by regular use of the pumpkin seed oil.

Excellent Source of Tryptophan

Pumpkin seed oil is an excellent source of tryptophan which is an essential amino acid which the body converts into serotonin. This is in turn converted into melatonin which is also called the sleep hormone. With this hormone it is easy to get a better night’s rest. Tryptophan is a scientifically proven ingredient for effective treatment for anxiety. Consuming the oil regularly provides good sleep and reduces anxiety. The pumpkin seed oil is commonly included in products produced to lighten urinary incontinence and bladder issues.  Urinary incontinence is generally associated with enlarged prostate in older men. The oil has the ability to block the androgen hormone DHT and relieve the problem.

Pumpkin seed oil should be made an important part of a diabetic patient’s diet because the compounds found in the oil successfully promote regeneration of the damaged pancreas, cell in diabetic and also boost the insulin levels. Pumpkin seed oil is beneficial for pre-diabetic or diabetic patients. Studies from Japan say that the pumpkin paste is effective in improving both insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.   Pumpkin seed oil is ideal for a higher sex drive because of its high level of zinc which is supposed to be the ultimate sex mineral. Studies have shown that women with greater sex drives have higher levels of testosterone which is needed for satisfying orgasms. Zinc increases the testosterone levels and blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Side Effects

Pumpkin seed oil may create some side effects in some like gastrointestinal distress, skin inflammation and heart issues. If the oil is used in appropriate amounts or diluted if necessary the oil is safe to use and does not have any known toxicities.  If you are consuming the oil internally no more than two teaspoons per day should be consumed. For the majority of the people one teaspoon per day is more than enough. Pumpkin seed oil may create some kin of skin irritation for some because the oil is very potent and powerful substance which can create irritation, redness or swelling on the skin. For people with sensitive skin it is better to do a patch test by applying the oil on a patch skin and wait for few hours to see whether any reaction is taking place and then apply it in larger area. If you are allergic to pumpkin then you should definitely stay away from this oil because it may cause topical dermatitis and swollen lips to more serious stomach issue and even vomiting.  The pumpkin seed oil is ideal for reducing blood pressure but if you are already taking medicine for hypertension then the combination may result in dangerous low blood pressure which is dangerous to the life.

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