Which Oils We Can Use As A Body Perfume

Essentials oils are used as body cologne or perfume for not only improving physical well being but emotional well being also. They are a great way to feel great, smell fantastic and at the same time help in improving health too. On the Planet there couldn’t be anything else better than this. Body perfume made from Essential Oils is non toxic and help in managing physical and emotional situations and anxiety levels.

Arouse Your Senses

These are noting but unadulterated and original perfumes which are being used since centuries for covering odor of the body, arousing senses and invoke the presence of God in rituals related to spirituality. As history goes, the belief is that the very first perfume was created by Hungarians from an alcohol and plant oil blend.

Plant essences were created in synthetic versions by the nineteenth century. During this period the use of pure essential oil or the original version did not continue as the less expensive synthetic versions were created in bulk. Our planet and bodies continue to be polluted with products like household cleaners, hair products, soaps, perfumes, etc that are synthetically made.

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Top Grade Choice

It is good to note that the perfume industry these days uses around 98 percent of the essential oils while the rest are used for therapeutic or medicinal use. There is no need to use synthetic colognes and perfumes when there are essential oils in therapeutic grade available for making perfume. The essential oil present in perfumes, provide a pleasantly surprising fragrance.

Many of the colognes and perfumes contain around 90-95 percent alcohol but are available at quite high prices in the market. Why waste a lot of money on alcohol based perfumes, when there are some of top grade perfumes with essential oils like rose, jasmine absolute, galbanum, Cinnamon Oil , patchouli, orange, mandarin, lavender, bergamot, lemon, ylangylang, vanilla, olibanum, sandalwood, neroli, cedarwood, vetiver, anise, etc available these days. They do not contain any alcohol but have tons of benefits.

Wide Range Available

A variety of essential oil blends are available in the market as perfume for females and males both. A unique aroma is brought out in each and every blend due to unique art used in blending and combining the essential oils. Many different moods can be easily created for creating a positive emotional effect you want with perfumes made from essential oils.

Depending upon the fragrance and scent ranging from spicy, earthy, herbal, woody, floral and fruity you like you can select the perfume you desire. The essential oil perfumes or blends can be selected depending on other factors like the kind of fragrance you are looking for, natural scent of your body and the way you want to influence others, etc. Essential oils which can be used as perfumes are generally quite strong and just 1-2 drops are required with any application.

Determine The Right One

If at all you experience reaction on the skin on the skin or want to use the pure essential in diluted form them, using almond oil is best. Some of the ways to determine essential oils for perfume include time of the year, skin color, hair color and gender. They help bring back pleasant memories, joyful, romantic, refreshing emotions within an instant.

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