Essential Oils In First Aid

It is vital to have a first aid kit containing essential oils, if you are out camping, miles away from the hospital or out on the road. It is best to keep essential oils first aid kit below the vehicle’s seat. There are a number of first aid needs that are very common like treating sun burns, treating burns and insect bites or disinfecting wounds.

Before Administering First Aid

Use cool and clean water to wash off the wound, then dry off with a tissue or rag after which you can apply the necessary essential oil. To stop or reduce bleeding, a great choice is helichrysum essential oil. Simply apply it on a cool damp rag or compress and set it on the wound to control bleeding. Many of the essential oils are known to have disinfectant properties. To disinfect wounds, cinnamon bark, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree oil and rosemary are the common oils used.

These are better choices as compared to those that could create more of a sting. Once the bleeding discontinues you can dilute any of these oils, mix it with olive or coconut oil or any other carrier oil and apply on the wound. A very important thing to note to treat the wound is reduce bleeding first, disinfect the area and then use the essential oil for healing the wound.

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Treating Scars And Anxiety


To reduce scarring, the typical lavender essential oil is a great choice. Myrrh, frankincense, geranium, lemongrass and helichrysum also have properties for reducing scars. Besides the regular tissues, rags, band aids, a bottle of water for washing wounds etc it is best to add some of the essential oils also to the first aid kit.

Lavender is universal oil used as first aid especially for reducing anxiety and stress, having a calming effect, relieving insomnia, healing cuts and burns and act as a powerful antihistamine. It can be used for allergies, depression, ear ache, bug bites, sunburns, insomnia, lice, inflammation and more. It has soothing effect on irritated skins and relieves pain out of hives, bee stings and other allergic reactions on skin. In your survival kit, this is number one oil for sure.

Cleansing And Elevating Mood

Lemon essential oil known well for its ability to cleanse is used for elevating mood and cleansing. It is very effective for sore throat, gout, flu, colds, dissolving petrochemicals from the body, treating intestinal parasites, aiding liver and digestive system, reducing fatigue and stress, calm an upset stomach. It works effectively as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

Peppermint is an essential oil used for treating muscle pains, muscle aches, headaches, menstrual and digestive issues, allergies, nausea, increase absorption of oxygen, focus and alertness and cooling. When mixed with other oils, it acts like a catalyst. With its anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties it is used for heartburn, colic, colds and shocks.

Immune System Support

Oregano essential oil is useful as a natural support for the immune system and treating yeast and bacterial infection, joint and back pain, inflammation, flu, colds, treating athlete’s foot, skin tags, kill wars and enhance gastrointestinal health. Infected wounds were treated with tea tree oil during World War II. Roman Chamomile, tea tree and essential oils are known to promote healing. Helichrysum is used for treating swelling and bruises while myrrh is effective in pain relief and infections.

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