Essential Oils Can Be Used As Natural Mosquito Repellents

Essential oils can be perfectly used to make natural mosquito repellents. They can be easily and quickly made as a non toxic and safe alternative for repelling mosquitoes as compared to the harmful additives and chemicals available in the market. They not only have great smell but also help in preventing reaction on skin and are a harmless alternative.

Disrupt Mosquito Larval Cycle

Mosquitoes carry disease and viruses and hence it is best to repel or deter them with a good natural mosquito repellent. These oils can also be used after getting a mosquito bite and also play an important role in keep down population of mosquitoes to the minimum. Mosquitoes lay eggs in water or around water for breeding. Hence standing water should best be eliminated as a first precautionary step.

Larval cycle of mosquitoes can be best disrupted with a good larvicidal essential oil. Thyme essential oil and Peppermint Essential Oil helps in killing larval pests. Other essential oils that work effectively to repel mosquitoes include Blue Cypress, Dorado Azul, Basil, Eucalyptus Globulus, Geranium, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lavender, Lemon, Idaho Tansy, Lemongrass, helichrysum, oregano, Melissa, Thyme and many others. etc. Any base oil like jojoba oil can be taken and mixed with around 3-5 drops of essential oil with it.

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thyme-&-peppermint oil

Simple To Make Spray

It is simple to make a spray for repelling mosquitoes. All that you need to do is use a water base to place the oil. Take four tablespoons of water, two teaspoons of pure grain alcohol and around 5 drops of the essential oil to make it. A few drops of distilled water can also be mixed with several drops of the essential oil also to make a natural mosquito repellent.

Then take a spray bottle and place the mixture in it, shake well and then spray! For personal use, the 1-2 ounce spray bottles can be perfectly used. To make some excellent homemade insecticides, you can best use of Geranium Oil, Basil Oil, peppermint and thyme. Insect strips can also be made by using the natural mosquito repellents to discourage mosquitoes around your home.

Directions To Use

Apply the natural mosquito repellent on exposed skin. Before using the natural mosquito repellent, it is best to first review and read the dilution and safety instructions written on it. Depending upon the individual and oil, the person using natural mosquito repellent should not expose the body to direct sunlight for at least eight to twenty four hours.

Make sure that only therapeutic grade essential oils are used for making good quality natural mosquito repellents. To deter the mosquitoes, the repellents can be used prior to exposure itself also! Insects get deterred with just the natural mosquito repellent oil on your body.


Some of the essential oils of therapeutic grade help in combating infection, and relieving itchiness and redness. All that you need to do is just apply the oil on the bite. Mosquito bites will not have the potential to spread malaria and other diseases which are infectious when natural mosquito repellent oils are used effectively.

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