Healing Oils From Bible – Holy Incense And Anointing

Essential oils have been used as healing oils by people in their daily lives since centuries, for healing the spirit, mind and body. In the holy book, Bible, the use of healing oils, aromatherapy and holy incense have been mentioned and their significance has also been well described. Much before the time records were kept, healing oils have been used.

Essential Oils For Healing

Essential oils and some of the most wonderful aromatic oils have been created for healing spiritual, mental, physical and emotional levels in humans by God. In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, Eve and Adam were located in one of the most magnificent and beautiful gardens filled with exotic scent of a range of plants, trees and flowers! In other words, everything required for healing has been created by the higher power, God.

In the Bible, hundreds of references to incense, aromatic plants and essential oils have been made. Reference of Galbanum, Myrrh, Frankincense has found in the Bible around 54 times. Anointing has also been a popular practice since the ancient times. A person would be massaged and rubbed with oil in a process termed as anointing.

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Essential Oils For Blessing

Healing oils were used for blessing the person on a spiritual and physical basis. One science and art that has been lost as of now, is true anointing. In the Bible, it is mentioned that oil was used for anointing the feet of Lord Jesus. For spiritual anointing, a technique called the raindrop is used. Holy blends with a range of oils were created for the purpose of anointing.

In the ancient times of the church and the Bible, priests, holy women, holy men were healers who practiced healing and anointed people. It has been seen that in certain cultures, there existed medicine women or medicine men for healing not just the physical body but healing on different kinds of levels. Disciples were taught methods of healing other people by Jesus by using energy and many of the essential oils. As of today, these teachings are rarely seen!

Healing From Within

By the twentieth century both spiritual and physical healing got separated completely. Even if allopathic medicine is being used, it does not cure, actually but does help the patient get out of crisis without addressing any spiritual and emotional issue of the disease.

In comparison, in the Bible it is mentioned that disciples were given instructions by Jesus to heal the sick by anointing them with oils. In the process of healing, one must take accountability of mental, physical and emotional health. This can be done by healing from within, changing the system of belief and anything that stands in the way of harmony with God.

Eliminate Negative Emotions

If complete healing has to occur then, you yourself only can heal yourself and not just the doctor’s medicines. Healing oils help in connecting with the divine and supreme source and getting rid of negative emotions on a cellular level. Essential oils like Frankincense, Myrrh Oil or Stacte, Galbanum and Benzoin or Onycha were used for the making of holy incense as mentioned in the Bible.

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