Uses and benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil

Buckthorn plant is a shrub with the scientific name Hippophae rhamnoides and the oil is extracted from the berries and sees of the sea buckthorn plant. The berries and its oil have been in use in traditional medicine practises in Asia and Europe. The oil has a wide range of treatment applications which is available all over the world. Sea Buckthorn oil has many medicinal benefits and it is used for comforting asthma, treating respiratory infections, defending the heart, comforting the stomach, stimulating cognition, preventing cancer, speeding up healing, enhancing the immune system, getting rid of pain and inflammation and protecting the skin.

Sea Buckthorn oil is used in cosmetics and from culinary uses to skin salves and also in weight loss supplements.  The oil is considered important oil for different cultures and individual around the world. The oil has many benefits and it is mainly credited to its high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (fruit pulp oil) and polyunsaturated fat (oil from the seeds). Sea Buckthorn oil contains high levels of carotenoids,  tocopherols, plant sterols and many other antioxidants. Buckthorn oil is used widely by people who are having health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, respiratory infection, allergies, indigestion, scrapes wounds, cuts, bruises, weak immune system, arthritis, chronic pain, skin inflammation, sun burn, psoriasis, dementia, Alzheimer’s and high risk of cancer.

Omega Fatty Acids

Sea buckthorn contains many omega fatty acids but the one that makes it stand out from other plants is omega 7. It is a rare thing and is also known as palmitoleic acid. Fish oil is the other product which has been used as a good source for it and it is also supplied by some animal oils and vegetable oils.  Hippophae rhamnoides is the most common sea buckthorn and is also the most widespread of the species in this genus. The eight subspecies grows from the Atlantic coasts of Europe to the north western Mongolia and north western China. Alder buckthorn fruits are very toxic and it should not be eaten. The bark of the tree is also toxic and a similar species of buckthorn with black berries ripen in the month of September and this is also toxic in the month of September. The Sea buckthorn berry is very tart even though it has attractive orange colour to it and powerful nutritive profile. The sea buckthorn berry is best known for its tartness. The fruit is inedible in its natural state and this may be the reason why it is not so popular.

Companies use complex procedures to extract juice, oil and seed in order to package them for use for human beings. Extraction of the oil from the first step is complicated which is getting the berries of the bush. The fruit has a natural protection in the form of thorns and it is difficult to pull the berries off easily.  The most effective practise is by cutting off the entire branch and to use a machine to shake the berries from them. Since the berries are delicate in nature the cleaning of the berry is another complicated process. Water cannot be used to wash the berries because the berry quickly absorb the water and the oil inside become diluted. More shaking and careful brushing is needed to separate the berries from the dirt, leaves, bark, sand and other debris that could pollute the berries before the extraction. Once the seeds and berries are separated it is ready for extraction. There will be only a small amount of oil present in each sea buckthorn berry and seed and by taking a small dose of pure sea buckthorn seed oil or berry oil it can be mixed with other oils. Supercritical CO2 extraction is safer than chemical extraction process. In this method Carbon dioxide is forced into a liquid state through temperature and pressure management. When the berries are added to this liquid the carbon dioxide pulls the oil out retaining all the EFA’s, proteins and other important components. Many health experts suggest that the oil extracted using the supercritical CO2 extraction is the best option to people to get the most effect of the oil.


Sea Buckthorn oil has many antioxidants which are ideal to assist cognition and neurodegenerative diseases in many ways. Sea buckthorn oil, with its high levels of carotenoids, sterols and polyphenolic compounds and unsaturated fats, reduces plaque deposition in neural pathways and slow down or even reverse the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Sea Buckthorn oil can help to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol which in turn prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which is present in Sea blackthorn oil, is a major boost for the health of the heart. These forms of fat is good for the health and it can help balance cholesterol, lower fat deposition, increase the metabolism and provide overall energy to the body.

Sea buckthorn oil has good amount of vitamin E in it along with other tocopherols which can boost the healing of the skin. It provides an antibacterial protection to prevent wounds from infection. Sea blackthorn oil is good for people with weak immune system because it provides antibacterial and antiviral protection. There is high level of vitamin C present in Sea buckthorn oil which boosts the production of white blood cells and look out for free radicals which will sidetrack or injure the immune system. The oil is ideal for improving vision. There is considerable level of beta-carotene in sea buckthorn oil and this helps vision health, prevent dry eye, slow down the onset of macular degeneration and maybe even prevent the development of cataract. The beta-carotene present in Sea buckthorn oil breaks down into vitamin A which is an antioxidant known for its effects on vision health.

Pain Killer

Sea buckthorn oil when used topically or as an internal analgesic can provide pain killing effect to wounds, sprains and injuries. It is also good for headaches, pain from fatal or advanced illness and continual discomfort caused by arthritis. Sea buckthorn oil provides comforting effect on tissues and organ system and also relief to inflammation in any part of the body from gut to the respiratory system. It has anti-spasmodic capacity which makes it ideal for reducing swelling and discomfort connected to many other health problems. Sea buckthorn is a natural expectorant and antibacterial hence it is used popularly for the treatment of respiratory problems. It has the capacity to help break up mucus in the sinuses and respiratory tracts. It also helps attack the fundamental infection which is the cause of symptoms.

The antiallergenic properties of the sea buckthorn oil are used to relieve symptoms of asthma and other parts of the body. Regular use of the oil helps to reduce the body’s release of histamines and cut back on allergic reactions.  Topical application of this oil on the skin reduces the signs of aging like wrinkles, scars, blemishes and age spots. The antioxidants and tocopherols present in the oil prevent oxidative stress in the skin, stimulate healing and boost collagen production. Sea buckthorn oil with its antibacterial properties can treat gastrointestinal problems like, ulcers, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation, gastroenteritis, bloating or excess flatulence etc. The oil can coat the stomach and reduce inflammation and rebalance the microflora environment. It reduces the acidity levels in the gut which in turn can reduce the symptoms of acid reflux disease.

Anti-Carcinogenic Effects

Sea buckthorn oil has anti-carcinogenic effects due to the presence of flavonoids, cartoenoids and fatty acids have positive effect in the treatment of cancer, as per studies. The oil can slow down the proliferation and metabolism of cancerous cells making the spreading of cancer difficult.  The oil has the power to block UV radiation and is also a good moisturising and healing component which can relieve and quickly get rid of sunburn. There isn’t any oil which can do the job of normal sunscreen but this oil can treat the effects of sun exposure and also offer protection against further damage.

There are some side-effects also for this oil and the notable ones are bleeding issues, heart trouble and inflammation. This is because of the powerful compounds present in it.   If you are undergoing surgery then it is better keep away from this oil before and after the procedure. The oil has anticoagulant properties and this may result in complication with healing and the other compounds may interact with anaesthesia in different ways. If you are using hypertension medication and sea buckthorn oil together then the combination can result in dangerously low blood pressure levels and this can be dangerous to your life. Some people with sensitive skin may experience topical inflammation, redness and itching when they use sea buckthorn oil. It is always better to do a patch test on the skin and wait for few hours and check for any negative reaction before using it in full flow. There is no known toxicity for the oil but it is better for pregnant ladies to keep away from the oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Always make sure that you consult a doctor before using the sea buckthorn oil

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