Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Essential oils have been extracted since many years from peels, leaves and flowers of plants in a wide range for the purpose of enhancing hair growth. These days, they have been gaining increasing importance for the many benefits that have been uncovered. Their fragrance trapped in the bottles is indeed beautiful. The oils are aroma based, have strong scent and are highly volatile.

Lots To Offer Beyond Fragrance

Carrier oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil etc are used to dilute the essential oils for hair growth enhancement. Carrier oil is so termed as it is used for carrying essential oil to the hair. For the purpose of hair care, essential oils for hair growth can also be added to a hair conditioner also.

The distinct fragrance they have may be loved by some and disliked by others. However beyond fragrance, there is lots that these essential oils do for hair! They support growth of hair, have antibacterial and antifungal properties, have properties to induce physical effect and enhance positive mood.

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Promote Beautiful Hair

Rosemary an essential oil has been used since ages for different applications and nowadays it is popularly used for promoting hair growth. People also use it if they feel overworked or overtired. This oil is commonly adulterated and hence it is best to ensure to purchase it in its purest form. It is from the term ‘rosmarinus’ a latin word which means dew or rose of the sea, from where the word rosemary comes. Lavender essential oil is versatile and the oil is used for treating hair loss.

Geranium is an essential oil with a floral rose like sweet fragrance is good for promoting beautiful hair. Its name is derived from the word ‘Palargos’ a Greek word meaning ‘stork’. It is comparatively cheaper than rose oil which is around 5-6 time more expensive than this oil. Cedarwood essential oil is great for hair, treating dandruff and alopecia areata or hair loss. The name is derived Cedrus is derived from ‘kedron’ an Arabic word which means power.

Routine Usage

There are other hair oils that can make a great difference to your regular routine of hair care. Bergamot oil is a wonderful hair oil to incorporate in routine hair care to aid hair growth, protect hair, soothe scalp and impart extra shine to your hair. To make an excellent tonic for hair growth, mix it with coconut oil and castor oil.

Cypress essential oil has an astonishing effect on hair. To clear an oily scalp and boost growth of hair, all you need to do is add a few drops to hair conditioner or create a hair care mixture by mixing it with other essential oils like lavender, sage or rosemary.

Rejuvenate Hair

Carrot root oil is rich in antioxidants and carotene and excellent for hair growth. Clary sage essential oil does wonders for a greasy scalp and hair. Carrot seed oil is not the same like carrot oil, has some wonderful properties and has a rejuvenating effect on hair. It can be used single or even mixed with carrot root oil and used.

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