Which Essential Oils For Reducing Pain Naturally

Pain is nothing but a state in which there is lack of mental, emotional and physical well being. The person experiences discomfort, metal uneasiness, acute distress, dull distress or localized or generalized unbearable agony. Equilibrium in mental or physical functions is lacking, there is derangement thus producing a reaction to destroy, escape or avoid the factor causing it and also its effects. Emotional pain also accompanies physical pain and in fact this is because they are intertwined.

Nature Perfect Solution

If pain has to be dealt with then it is important to look at various parts of the equation like the spiritual, emotional and physical. Only a portion of the problem is addressed with synthetic substances and the problem begins here! If a nature perfect solution has to be considered, then using essential oils is the best choice to minimize and reduce pain. This is because they suit people as per their body chemistry.

Hence it is best to choose an essential oil or two or consider a good blend that suits you right. Note the experience and the changes that it brings in reducing pain. If pains have to be reduced the natural way, then an effective way is to use essential oils. They have no negative side effects attached! As compared to pain relievers available over the counter, essential oils are considered far better!

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basil and clove oil-pain relief

Multiple Medicinal Properties

Medicinal properties in multiples are contained in essential oils to assist the body’s systems. In fact, it is from natural constituents only that modern day drugs have been derived. However the only issue is that these constituents are produced in a synthetic manner which makes them less expensive as compared to the expensive ones available in natural form.

To reduce or to relieve pain there are many essential oils having analgesic properties, available. One important essential oil is wintergreen essential oil rich in methyl salicylate content and emotionally soothing and warming. Birch is also another essential oil being used since the early 1920s for combating pain. To reduce pain quickly these oils have a cortisone-like effect.

Open Up Heart Chakras

By opening the heart chakra the essential oils make the person more accepting of themselves. Birch trees are becoming scarcer and hence availability of birch oil too has become a bit scarce. Wintergreen essential oil, however is still available as a favorite choice. Channels responsible for transmitting signals of pain get blocked at times and peppermint essential oil is used effectively in this case.

To relieve pain one of the best choices is peppermint oil. To deal with chronic pain, and address stress and anxiety, some of the best oils are valerian, peppermint, basil, douglas fir, helichrysum, wintergreen, Idaho tansy, balsam fir and clove. Massage oils are also available to minimize pain. For joint pain, the best oils are wintergreen, Roman chamomile, wintergreen, douglas fir, peppermint, spruce, nutmeg and balsam fir.

Powerful Blends

To treat toothache pain, wintergreen, clove, melaleucaalternifolia, black pepper and Idaho tansy essential oils are considered really effective. Muscle pain can be best treated with lavender, Roman chamomile, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, marjoram, helichrysum, balsam fir, lemongrass and ginger essential oils which are very convenient to use. To relieve bone pain, some of the best choices are wintergreen, peppermint, palosanto, spruce, Idaho balsam fir, and helichrysum. These essential oils and powerful blends available for controlling pain are professionally made and available in the market easily.

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